Episode 67

StoryCorps Sampler: Stonewall Outloud


August 5th, 2019

18 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Like the t-shirt says: Y’all Means All. Since our first live event, All Y’all has prioritized the inclusion of LGBTQ voices. This past June, Sara from All Y’all took part in StoryCorps’ Stonewall OutLoud project, helping gather stories from LGBTQ elders in Shreveport including Randy Moulder, Deborah Allen and David Radford.

For this special episode of All Y’all, we’ve assembled a few of our favorite moments from their stories, in hopes that these excerpts will encourage you to listen to their full stories. 

Here’s links to their full StoryCorps stories:
David Radford: https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/why-do-i-like-aquaman-instead-of-wonder-woman-i-didnt-know-what-was-wrong-with-me/

Deborah Allen:

Randy Moulder:
Pt 1: https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/if-these-people-would-take-five-minutes-to-say-hello-and-get-to-know-me-this-old-queens-got-some-pretty-interesting-things-to-say/
Pt 2: https://archive.storycorps.org/interviews/if-these-people-would-take-five-minutes-to-say-hello-and-get-to-know-me-this-old-queens-got-some-pretty-interesting-things-to-say-2/

All Y’all Live: Going Through It on Saturday, Sept. 28
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