Episode 53

Exit Interviews: Jim and Christine Hayes

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About this Episode

A few years ago, All Y'all friend and storyteller Maya Lau told us that we should conduct exit interviews with folks who are moving out of Shreveport. The idea burrowed into our brains, and we've reconsidered it many times since. We could build an archive of peoples' answers to the question "So, why are you moving out of Shreveport?"

It's not, as Sara puts it, "a bitch-fest." It's an opportunity to hear - in their own words and voices - the folks who've decided that, for one reason or another, the Shreveport-Bossier community will no longer be their home.

Our first exit interview features Jim Hayes and Christine Cox-Hayes, who were brought to Shreveport by Jim's job in the film industry. The couple put down roots and ended up staying in Shreveport long after the film industry had withered. Sara led our first-ever All Y'all exit interview with Jim and Christine on the eve of their move to Santa Fe.