Episode 28

Ladies Night: Maya Lau, "Technical Skills"


January 30th, 2016

19 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

This story contains adult subject matter and listener discretion is advised.

Sometimes the job that you're assigned to do just isn't the job that you end up doing.

When journalist Maya Lau was 24 years old, she enlisted in the Peace Corps, envisioning herself taking a hands-on role in improving the lives of others through - as the Peace Corps puts it - "imparting technical expertise abroad." But, once she arrived in Senegal, language barriers and other difficulties kept Maya from realizing her idealized notion of global citizenship. In "Technical Skills," a story from the March 2015 All Y'all live storytelling event "Ladies Night," Maya tells how she impacted the lives of local women in a way that she'd never expected.